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Carmit Mister Fix, founded in 1946, is Israel’s largest and leading manufacturer in the field of finishing products for the construction industry, with hundreds of cement and plaster products marketed in bulk and small packages to entrepreneurs, construction contractors and stores. Carmit Mister Fix enjoys a robust reputation, and uses the most advanced production lines, based on the latest technology, uncompromising quality and excellence. The company invests considerable resources in the development, mechanization and automation of its state-of-the-art production and distribution systems.

As part of the implementation of its strategy to expand its activities, Carmit Mr. Fix is currently establishing a new drywall factory. Drywall sheets are lightweight and easy to apply industrial products for various uses, mainly for interior partitions, covering walls and ceilings and interior design, as well as for the construction and renovation of residential buildings, offices, commercial and public buildings, hotels and more.

Carmit Mister Fix’s primary products are:

Adhesives for construction, which include powdered cement adhesives for laying tiles and various interior and exterior cladding, colored grout, mortar products for flooring and more.
Special plaster and cement products including a variety of stucco and putty products, special cement products and various construction additives.
Complementary products – sealers, coatings, binding materials and more.

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