About Us.

Inrom Construction Industries Group is one of the largest and leading industrial groups in Israel, providing a range of products and solutions for the construction and renovation sectors by means of a number of industrial activities.

Inrom operates in three main areas:

The Inrom Group and its family companies manufacture, market, supply and operate the most advanced technological and professional systems. Inrom offers a complete portfolio of cutting-edge services and products for entrepreneurs, contractors, self-builders, architects, interior designers, building inspectors and professionals in construction-related sectors.

Inrom has five main production and distribution sites throughout Israel, with the most advanced operational and production systems.

The Group's marketing and trading systems are among the leading and most prevalent in its target market and are based primarily on a state-of-the-art, professional and top-notch systems, which provides a response to every demand and need of the Group's customers.

The Group employs app. 800 highly trained and skilled professional manpower, who are the driving force behind Inrom’s success.

Inrom’s core values are deep-rooted in its approach to strive for strategic and continuous leadership in all of its core markets, in addition to managerial and operational excellence along with innovation and initiative.

Inrom Group's activities are guided by the following indelible principles: professionalism, focus, expertise, knowledge and experience accumulated over decades.

Inrom has shown consistent and significant growth in its revenues and profits over the years, while making significant investments in automation, and expansion of its various plants.

Inrom’s strong reputation as well as technological and marketing leadership in all its areas are a form basis for continued growth and long-term development.

Inrom is traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange and is included in its leading indices – Tel Aviv 90, Tel Aviv 125 and Tel-Div, and is held 100% by the public.


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